Here is what we believe:

Faith Baptist Church is…

Christ-Centered –

  • Christ is the head of our church. He leads and directs the local body of believers.
  • Christ is the Savior of our souls. Jesus is the only door to heaven. He paid the price for our sins. We must repent and accept His salvation.
  • Christ is our soon-coming King. One day soon our Savior will burst through the eastern sky and call us home to Heaven.
  • The Bible is God’s love letter to us all. It is God’s holy word.
  • The Bible is divinely inspired. The Bible was given from the lips of God to holy men to write. Every word is true!
  • The Bible contains Truth to live by. It is our guidebook for life. Through the study and practice of Bible truths, man can find answers for daily life.
Family-Oriented –
  • Faith Baptist Church is a family church! We are made up of all ages from babies to senior adults.
  • We are a church that welcomes new faces to our services and would welcome you and your family to become an active part of our church family.